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Unfree in Palestine – Registration, Documentation and Movement Restriction

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CAF meets with CBSA

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Help CAF Defend Our Rights-Make a Donation Today

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Commemorating Al-Nakba (The Catastrophe) through Photos

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In commemoration of Black History Month


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International Day of Al-Quds Commemorated in Toronto

On Saturday August 18, the International Day of Al-Quds was commemorated in Toronto at a support rally which expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people and the opposing of the Zionist and imperialist control of Jerusalem. CAF, along with over 3,500 supporters attended the … Continue reading

It’s Time to Bring Bashir Makhtal Home

CAF is asking its members, friends and supporters to call your local MP and the Office of the Prime Minister to demand the Canadian government immediately intervene to safeguard the human rights of Bashir Makhtal and to seek his safe … Continue reading