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February 7, 2017
Green  Party  of Canada – Parti vert  du Canada
116 Albert Street, Suite  812, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G3 Canada

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2016 Online Special General Meeting

Start: 2016-12-07 00:00:00 America/Vancouver
End: 2017-02-06 23:59:00 America/Vancouver

3088  (16.6%)  of 18598 electors voted in this ballot.

S16-P001 Implement Recommendations from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Report,

Option Votes
Yes 2752  (98.4%)
No 46 (1.6%)


Total 3088
Abstain 290 (9.4%)


S16-P002 Rebuilding and Recognition of Original Indigenous Nations

Option Votes
Yes 2665  (95.6%)
No 123 (4.4%)


Total 3088
Abstain 300 (9.7%)

 S16-P003 Support Indigenous Women 

Option Votes
Yes 2857  (97.9%)
No 61 (2.1%)


Total 3088
Abstain 170 (5.5%)

  S16-P004 Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery 

Option Votes
Yes 2169  (95.1%)
No 111 (4.9%)


Total 3088
Abstain 808 (26.2%)

 S16-P005 Indigenous Peoples’ Health Care in Canada

Option Votes
Yes 2783  (97.1%)
No 82 (2.9%)


Total 3088
Abstain 223 (7.2%)

S16-P013 Measures to pressure the government of Israel to preserve the two-state solution:
addendum to current Middle East policy

Option Votes
Yes 2392  (90.1%)
No 264 (9.9%)


Total 3088
Abstain 432 (14.0%)

 S16-P017 Extreme Genetic Technologies

Option Votes
Yes 2032  (85.1%)
No 355 (14.9%)


Total 3088
Abstain 701 (22.7%)

 S16-P020 Husky Oil Spill

Option Votes
Yes 2658  (97.9%)
No 56 (2.1%)


Total 3088
Abstain 374 (12.1%)

 S16-D001 Affirm the value of consensus based governance

Option Votes
Yes 2698  (95.7%)
No 120 (4.3%)


Total 3088
Abstain 270 (8.7%)

S16-D002 Affirm the democratic principle of post meeting ratification votes open to all members of the party

Option Votes
Yes 2670  (97.2%)
No 77 (2.8%)


Total 3088
Abstain 341 (11.0%)

S16-D010 Directive to list names of all Electoral District Associations (EDAs) under “Party Structure” on website 

Option Votes
Yes 2539  (98.1%)
No 49 (1.9%)


Total 3088
Abstain 500 (16.2%)

 S16-D015 Action to Overturn the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain and Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline Decisions and Oppose the TransCanada Energy East Pipeline

Option Votes
Yes 2506  (90.5%)
No 264 (9.5%)


Total 3088
Abstain 318 (10.3%)

 S16-D017 Referendum

Option Votes
Yes 2096  (86.9%)
No 317 (13.1%)


Total 3088
Abstain 675 (21.9%)

S16-D018 Preferred Voting Model

Option Votes
Yes 2465  (95.9%)
No 105 (4.1%)


Total 3088
Abstain 518 (16.8%)

S16-D019 GPC Task Force

Option Votes
Yes 2390  (97.2%)
No 70 (2.8%)


Total 3088
Abstain 628 (20.3%)



The Canadian Arab Federation deplores the terrorist attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec

 Mosqu PIC

(TORONTO, January 30, 2017)— The Canadian Arab Federation deplores the terrorist attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec in Quebec City and extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and their friends. The attack resulted in the death of 6 and injury of 8 innocent god fearing worshipers.

This is not the first such attack on the Centre or on Islamic or Arab institutions; as the same centre was the subject of a hate crime back in July 2016. Many other Muslim and Arab institutions across the country have been subjected to various and repeated violent attacks.

“These repeated attacks indicate a failure of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the law enforcement agencies in their duty to protect all Canadians” stated Mohamed Boudjenane CAF Acting President.

This incident and countless others in this country and across the globe are a clear result of the climate of vilification of Arabs and Muslims in Canada and around the world promoted, not just by Mr. Trump in the US, but also in Canada by the xenophobic policies of the previous Harper Government and local hate groups.

As we acknowledge Mr. Trudeau and his government’s efforts to deal with Muslims and Arabs as main stream Canadians, and we applaud the Minister of immigration’s decision to offer refugee status to those affected by the recent Trump decision to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

“CAF calls on the governments of Canada and Quebec to take all the necessary steps to stem the tides of Islamophobia and to treat seriously and expeditiously any threats of violence against our communities. Much is needed to reverse the toxic and poisonous atmosphere recent events have created abroad and at home” added Samih Mokbel CAF former Vice President.

About the Canadian Arab Federation:
Established in 1967, the Canadian Arab Federation is a national, non-partisan, non-profit and membership based organization. CAF represents Canadian Arabs on issues relating to public policy.

For more information:
Mohamed Boudjenane
(416) 889-6764

Samih Mokbel
(647) 229-3341


Canadians Call on Minister of Immigration to Celebrate Family Day By StrengtheningFamily Class Reunification

Canadians Call on Minister of Immigration to Celebrate Family Day By

StrengtheningFamily Class Reunification


TORONTO / Feb 14, 2014 / – A coalition of community based organizations and academic institutes across Canada are calling on the Hon. Chris Alexander, the Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, to mark Family Day 2014 by making a commitment to strengthen the family class immigration program.

“Canada needs to renew its commitment to families and send a strong message to immigrants that not only their skills and human capital but also their families are welcome,” said Harald Bauder, Academic Director of the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement and Professor at Ryerson University.

Up until the early 1990s, Canada had a world renowned family reunification program which saw family class immigrants make up the majority of immigration to Canada each year.  Over the last two decades, the proportion of family class immigrants has gradually declined, and currently represents less than a quarter of the total annual immigration intake.

Further restrictions to family class sponsorship were introduced by the previous Minister of Immigration.  These changes which took effect on January 2, 2014 are making it much more difficult for Canadians to be reunited with their parents and grandparents.

“All families regardless of socioeconomic conditions should be able to reunite with their parents and grandparents. Extended family is important to all Canadians, including immigrant and refugee families” said Debbie Douglas, Executive Director of OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.

Community organizations in the “My Canada Includes All Families” Campaign recently wrote to the new Minister of Immigration, asking him to increase the number of family class immigrants allowed into Canada each year, to lower the income requirement for sponsorship eligibility, and to broaden the definition of “family members” with respect to  who can be sponsored.

“Family class immigrants of all ages and backgrounds contribute significantly to the economic, social and cultural advancement of Canada. They form the backbone of our communities and their presence allows their families to flourish. Canada as a whole is better off because of the sacrifices all of our parents and grandparents make to keep our families strong,” said the coalition in its letter to the Minister.

“The changes to family class immigration which took effect on January 1, 2014 vis-à-vis the sponsorship of parents and grandparents are making it much more difficult for Canadians to be reunited with their loved ones.   Moreover, these changes have a disproportionate negative impact on women, refugees, and other marginalized communities who are now facing greater challenges in meeting the hardened financial eligibility for sponsors,” the letter continued.

“The Federal Government has said that it wants to support Canadian families and promote family values. Then let it show support by allowing all Canadians an equal opportunity to be reunited with their families”, said Avvy Go, Clinic Director at Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Services.

As Canadians in many provinces are getting ready to celebrate Family Day or other parallel mid-February holidays, the Campaign calls on all Canadians to contact the Minister of Immigration as well as their local Member of Parliament to ask for their renewed commitment to family sponsorship, and as an expression of that commitment, their reversing of the newly-introduced changes.

The letter to the Minister has been endorsed by the following organizations:  Canadian Arab Federation, Canadian Council for Refugees, Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Ontario Chapter, Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change, FCJ Refugee Centre, Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, Migrante Canada, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants,  Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, African Canadian Legal Clinic and YWCA Canada.

For more information, please contact: Mohamed Boudjenane 416 889 6764 OR



Les canadiens et canadiennes invitent le Ministre de l’Immigration à célébrer la Fête de famille en renforçant la réunification familiale

Toronto, Le 14 février 2014. À l’occasion de la Fête de la famille, une coalition d’organismes communautaires et d’universitaires à travers le Canada invitent l’Hon. Chris Alexander, Ministre fédéral de la Citoyenneté et de l’immigration à manifester son engagement pour le renforcement du programme d’immigration par regroupement familial.


Jusqu’au début des années 1990, le Canada avait un programme de réunification familiale de renommée mondiale dont la catégorie de regroupement familiale  constituait  la majorité de l’immigration au Canada chaque année. Au cours des deux dernières décennies, la proportion de personnes immigrant à travers le regroupement familial a progressivement diminué, et actuellement constitue moins d’un quart de l’immigration totale.


D’autres restrictions au parrainage familial ont été introduites par le précédent Ministre de l’Immigration. Ces changements, qui ont pris effet le 2 janvier 2014, font en sorte qu’il est beaucoup plus difficile pour les Canadiennes et canadiens d’être réuni(e)s avec leurs parents et grands-parents. En particulier, pour les communautés francophones, cette politique aura des effets néfastes notamment en ce qui concerne la vitalité et la dualité linguistique. Depuis plus d’une décennie le gouvernement fédérale cherche à croitre la population francophone en dehors de Québec et la réunification familiale est une méthode importante à ce but.


Les organismes communautaires collaborant sur la Campagne «Mon Canada inclut toutes les familles» ont récemment écrit au nouveau Ministre de l’Immigration pour lui demander d’augmenter le nombre de personnes admises à travers la catégorie d’immigration par regroupement familial chaque année, d’abaisser le seuil de revenu pour le parrainage, et d’élargir la définition des membres de la famille qui peuvent être parrainés.


«Les personnes immigrant par regroupement familiale – toutes catégories d’âges et de provenances confondues – contribuent énormément au progrès économique, social et culturel du Canada. Ils constituent des piliers cruciaux de nos communautés, et leur présence permet à leurs familles de s’épanouir. L’ensemble du Canada se porte mieux grâce aux sacrifices que nos parents et grands-parents doivent faire pour garder nos familles fortes», a déclaré la coalition dans sa lettre au Ministre.


La lettre continue en soulignant que «les modifications mises en place le 1er janvier 2014 par rapport à l’immigration par réunification familiale au sujet du parrainage des parents et des grands-parents rendent la réunification de canadiens et canadiennes avec leurs proches beaucoup plus difficile. En outre, ces changements ont un impact disproportionnellement négatif sur les femmes, les réfugiés et d’autres communautés marginalisées qui font maintenant face à de plus grands obstacles pour atteindre l’admissibilité financière des sponsors qui a été endurcie.»


En cette période où beaucoup de canadiens et canadiennes dans plusieurs provinces s’apprêtent à célébrer la Fête de la famille et d’autres fêtes de mi-février, la Campagne les invite toutes et tous à contacter le Ministre de l’Immigration ainsi que leurs députés locaux pour leur demander un engagement renouvelé au parrainage familial en inversant les changements récemment mis en place.


La lettre au Ministre a été approuvée par les organismes suivants: La Fédération canado-arabe, le Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés, le Conseil national des canadiens chinois – chapitre de Toronto, la Coalition des syndicalistes noirs – chapitre de l’Ontario, La couleur de la pauvreté / La couleur du changement, Le centre des réfugiées FCJ, Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, Migrante Canada, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, Centre Ryerson pour l’immigration et l’établissement, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario et YWCA Canada.


Pour plus d’information, veuillez contacter: Mohamed Boudjenane 416 889 6764

Celebration & Fundraising Concert @ Beit Zatoun

Saturday, March 2 – 6:30 to 10:00 pm

View the poster for the event here.

Beit Zatoun’s annual open house / anniversary / fundraising concert has become a party and music highlight of the year. Join the Beit Zatoun community for an evening of Middle Eastern sounds and flavours to go along with sharing and warm friendships.

  • Flavours begin at 6:30 pm
  • Enjoy refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, Palestinian snacks, savoury appetizers and desserts while you meet old friends and make new ones.
  • Sounds begin at 7:30 pm
  • Amazing performances from very generous friends of Beit Zatoun who have donated their time and talent to create this exciting evening. Enjoy the rhythms of Middle Eastern offerings from master musicians.
  • John Millard and Waleed Abdulhamid
  • The Near East Ensemble
  • Ravi Naimpally, Ernie Tollar, Demetri Petsalakis
  • Maryem Tollar, Roula Said, Naghmeh Farahmand
  • Total Jam with all participating

This is a major fundraising event to help Beit Zatoun become financially self-sustaining. We need to pay the rent for this warm, beautiful and central place which has become home for so much sharing, learning and activism.

Please be generous – Advanced Tickets: $50-$20. Seating is limited.

Don’t forget to check the EVENTS page regularly for current listings.

Meet you at Beit Zatoun!
612 Markham St. (1 door south of Bloor – at Bathurst subway) ~ 647.726.9500
Visit for News and Events:;