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Unfree in Palestine – Registration, Documentation and Movement Restriction

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CAF meets with CBSA

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Help CAF Defend Our Rights-Make a Donation Today

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Commemorating Al-Nakba (The Catastrophe) through Photos

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In commemoration of Black History Month

CAF in the Media

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Mohamed El Rashidy and Janice Stein on Egyptian president Morsi


CAF National President questions Baird’s controversial visit to occupied East Jerusalem

April 15, 2013 Re: Controversial Meeting in Occupied East Jerusalem Dear Minister Baird, I am writing this letter to express our deep concern in your meeting with Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni in Occupied East Jerusalem. Since 1967, Canada has … Continue reading

Palestinian-Canadians feel ignored in human rights museum

View the original story on CBC. Some Palestinian-Canadians are upset that plans for the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg don’t include an exhibit with their story. “As the opening comes closer, I become more and more concerned that … Continue reading

Press Conference denouncing the use of a security certificate

CAF attends Press Conference denouncing the use of a security certificate and “secret evidence” to detain, arrest and attempt to deport Mohamed Harkat. Dr. Nour El-Kadri, CAF VP, was in attendance along with Matthew Behrens, Human Rights Activist, Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International … Continue reading

Prime Minister Harper’s foreign policy hobbled by ideology

No question that Harper’s foreign policy has been tainted by ideology, ignorance, incompetence and personal petulance. It has also been hostage to the partisan needs of the Conservative party. The recent announcement that Canada will be sharing some embassies with Britain is very much in keeping with: (a) Harper’s nostalgia for Canada as a colonial appendage of Great Britain — damn the sentiments of Quebecers, (b) his stated fondness for the English-speaking world — a.k.a. the white man’s club — and (c) his wish to retain the G8 rather than expanding it into the G20 as Barack Obama and others want in order to reflect new global economic realities. Continue reading

In Contempt: Zionism and McCarthyism in Canada

By Naomi Binder Wall It is common practice in solidarity work to draw comparisons linking different historical periods of political and social transformation. As an example, the anti-Apartheid movement as it applies to the Israeli state is focused on boycott, … Continue reading

What is the Concern?

We’ve all come together today – in impressive numbers and from a remarkable array of sectors and backgrounds – because we are concerned. That concern has been growing for some time but has quite dramatically deepened in recent weeks and months – and has carried with it many emotions: disquiet, uncertainty, frustration, outrage, and very serious worry. It has however, I think, for many of us been difficult to clearly and concretely grasp the precise nature of the concern and name it. Continue reading

Harper’s attack on democracy and the Arab and Muslim community

The federal government’s attempt to censor or to marginalize pro-Palestinian individuals and organizations is a serious problem facing Canada’s Arab and Muslim communities. This campaign even threatens our democratic traditions and the independence of many institutions. An example of censorship is the Harper government’s decision to ban British Member of Parliament George Galloway from entering the country. He gave money and food to Hamas, the duly elected governing authority in Palestine, and because of this humanitarian act he was denied the right to express his opinions on the Middle East. Having a British MP publicly oppose the Israeli siege of Gaza, the occupation of Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan would have been inconvenient to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney, both strong proponents of Israel and supporters of George W. Bush’s “war on terror.” Continue reading

Harper, UNRWA and the Arabs

By Barnabe F. Geisweiller When the Conservatives announced they would no longer fund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in January, the caretaker agency for Palestinian refugees and their descendents, many were right to deplore how far we’ve … Continue reading

Canada cuts funding to anti-Israel groups

Pro-Palestinian, Christian groups among those targeted by Canadian government Roni Rachmani Israel News VANCOUVER – The Canadian government has recently decided to cut back or entirely withdraw the funding to organizations that encourage a boycott of Israel or Israeli products, including pro-Palestinian … Continue reading