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(Toronto, November 11, 2016) – The Canadian Arab Federation salute the Green Party of Canada’s proposed consensus on the issue of Palestine/ Israel
On November 9, 2016, the Green Party of Canada announced that Elizabeth May and its former justice critic Dimitri Lascaris had achieved a consensus on a resolution regarding Palestine and Israel.
This resolution constitutes a strong and principled stand for the human rights of the long-suffering Palestinian people. The resolution calls for an arms embargo on Israel, a ban on the importation into Canada of products made in Israel’s illegal settlements, an investigation by the International Criminal Court into potential war crimes committed against the Palestinian people, and divestment by the Government of Canada from corporations that profit from Israel’s decades-long, brutal occupation of Palestinian territories. The resolution also expresses support for the right of return of Palestinian refugees and calls on Israel to accord equal rights to Palestinians living in Israel. Currently, Israel has in place over 50 racist laws that disadvantage its impoverished Palestinian population.
For too long, Western governments have given unequivocal support to Israel even as the state of Israel engaged in torture (including the torture of children), collective punishment, extrajudicial assassination, and arbitrary arrest and detention of peaceful protesters.
Moreover, although there is near universal agreement that Israel’s settlements constitute a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Western governments have done nothing to stop those settlements even as they acknowledged that the settlements are a serious obstacle to peace.
For far too long, Palestinian-Canadians and millions of other Canadians who care deeply about the plight of the Palestinian people have been voiceless in Canada’s Parliament. The leadership of the Green Party of Canada has courageously determined to give them a voice.

We thank Elizabeth May for her support of this principled resolution, and we call on the members of the Green Party of Canada to support it.


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