The Canadian Arab Federation expresses its deep disappointment

The Canadian Arab Federation expresses its deep disappointment on behalf of Canadians who have yet again been let down by their Prime Minister in his repeated one-sided, bias and systematically prejudiced stance on Israel.

 In today’s speech to the Israeli Knesset, Prime Minister Stephen Harper succeeded in further alienating a significant proportion of Canadians who disagree that Canada’s values align blindly with those of Israel’s. Comparing Israel to the “bloom yielded in the desert” and claiming that Canada stands with those who “confront the dark forces in the world” sets a very dangerous precedent; one that brands Canadians as unjust and criminal if they oppose Israeli politics. The Prime Minister of Canada cannot divide Canadians into categories of “good” and “bad”.

 The Canadian Arab Federation shares the dismay of Canadians who feel disengaged, segregated and ignored by their government. The Canadian Arab Federation calls on Prime Minister Harper and the government of Canada to reflect the viewpoints and interests of all Canadians, refrain from using labels and metaphors saturated in racially discriminate undertones and to use consistent and coherent rationale not personnel ideological systems of belief to govern Canada’s foreign policy.

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