Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

A serious humanitarian crisis is developing in Gaza.

The common people have been living a strained existence in this conflict-ridden region, struggling with extreme poverty. They have had limited means of support since the blockade began and their lives have been further strained by economic restrictions. With the recent deepening of the conflict and escalation in violence, the physical damage and psychosocial impact is incalculable.

Please donate to IDRF & help support urgent needs in Gaza, including:

  • Medical supplies that are urgently needed by hospitals and clinics to care for casualties of the violence.
  • Food and clean water.
  • Basic living necessities such as blankets and clothing.
  • Baby food and infant care items, as small children are particularly vulnerable if starvation and exposure to cold is prolonged.
  • Fuel services to help keep essential medical and emergency response efforts operational.
  • Nylon sheeting and other accessories for rapid repair to damaged windows and homes, in order to keep out some of the cold and provide a semblance of privacy.

For decades, IDRF has consistently supported emergency relief, rehabilitation and sustainable development projects in Gaza through a range of long-time local partners who are based there. Currently we are supporting our local partners’ relief efforts and developing a coordinated strategy to respond to the changing circumstances and the emerging needs.Through your support and caring IDRF will address their needs.

Please donate generously!


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