CAF calls upon government to remove Hezbollah from Canada’s list of banned organizations

The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) calls upon the Canadian government and the opposition parties to heed the advice of two Canadian MPs to remove Hezbollah from Canada’s list of banned organizations. Boris Wrzesnewskyj and Peggy Nash commented Sunday during a fact-finding mission to southern Lebanon, that in the interest of peace, Canada should reconsider its 2002 decision to place the group on its list of banned terrorist groups.

Interim Liberal Leader Bill Graham was foreign affairs minister when Hezbollah was added to the Canadian list. He had initially argued that Hezbollah’s social arm was a legitimate charity and functioned independently of the military wing. Graham later reversed his position following weeks of intense lobbying by the Israel lobby and after fabricated media reports falsely quoted Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah urging Palestinians to expand suicide bombings worldwide.

CAF believes that placing Hezbollah on the Canadian list while Israel is omitted from the list is a travesty of justice. The war crimes Israel committed in Lebanon this summer was nothing less than state terrorism. The killing of Lebanese civilians and the destruction of the country’s infrastructure – same as what happened in Gaza in the days preceding the Israeli-Lebanese war – is a war crime that should not escape justice. Hezbollah did not even come close to the shocking ratio of civilian to combatant casualties Israel inflicted on the Lebanese population. Israel, over 33 days, killed a ratio of more than 4:1 Lebanese civilians to combatants whereas Hezbollah, with its relatively primitive, unintelligent, non smart weapons killed a ratio of less than 1:2 civilians to combatants.

CAF accuses the Canadian government of applying a double standard when it ostracizes Hezbollah and Hamas while it supports the state terrorism of Israel which has afflicted Lebanon and Palestine for 58 years.


Khaled Mouammar
National President
Tel.: 416-879-6766

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