Letter to the Chief of Police

Chief of Police
Bill Blair
Toronto Police Service
40 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2J3

Dear Chief Blair,

The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) would like to express its concern at your decision
to lead the “Walk with Israel” on Sunday, May 29 in a show of solidarity for a foreign
state currently in the midst of an unresolved conflict; a country that is conducting a
brutal and the longest contemporary military occupation in the world.

This event coupled with your recent participation in a delegation of police chiefs that
went on a six-day trip to Israel on March 1, has begun to create a feeling of genuine
distrust and confusion for what appears to be your public endorsement of the practices
of the state of Israel.

Mr. Blair, CAF perceives a police chief’s mandate as being unbiased and void of any
political affiliations to foreign countries because this is the only way to foster an
atmosphere that is conducive to tolerance and inclusiveness.

We would welcome a meeting with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss our
concerns and to facilitate an understanding between your office and the Arab and
Muslim communities in Canada. We hope to be able to schedule a meeting soon to
discuss this and other matters of mutual concern.

Yours truly,

Omar Alghabra

CC.: David Miller, Mayor of Toronto

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